Elora-Cataract Rail Trail

This ride is not offered this season.

84 km

A well packed surface for all types of bikes. Beautiful forests and views, with the trail ending at the Forks of the Credit Park.

Starting Point: Elora Public School, 288 Mill St. E, Elora. Hwy 6 N of Guelph into Fergus, left at St. Andrews St. W., follow Wellington Rd. #18 and Mill St. to school on right.

Past Rides

 Date Host Attendance Temperature
 Sunday May 31, 2009   Bob Ullman    39 
 Sunday June 20, 2010  Bob Ullman   31
 Sunday Oct 17, 2010  Bob Ullman   22
 Sunday Oct 16, 2011  Debra Ramage  16 
 Sunday October 7, 2012  Bob Ullman  6  5-10
 Sunday April 20, 2014  Bob Ullman  20  10-15

Elora Public School