Bike Lights, Big City

50/ 50 Go Train Return / 100km

Lakeshore and Waterfront Trail, Burlington to Toronto taking in historic estates, parks, beaches, cities and beautiful lake views.
No worries about running out of food or drink along this route as we'll be riding through many towns and big cities.  Lots of cafes and pubs to choose from.  No hills to worry about either. 

We'll be riding from Burlington along the lake on paved road or paved path closely following the Waterfront Trail system. 

The short route to Port Credit is all by road with plenty of lunch spots to choose from.  2 bike shops along the way.  50k total. 

The long route continues on past Port Credit along winding, tree covered, pedestrian filled, easy to get lost on, paved paths and neighbourhoods streets.  You'll pass marinas, oil refineries, views of the CN Tower, music festivals, water treatment plants, art festivals, family picnics and beautifully manicured parks.  This won't be a hammerfest along this route.  Have your bells and horns at the ready.  How about lunch on the beach side patio of Sunnyside Pavilion! 

Return by tackling the cars, buses, street cars, bikes, lights, and rough roads of the big city, or take in the quiet scenery again by following the same route back, or take the Go Train back.

Starting Point: Food Basics 5353 Lakeshore Burlington

Food Basic Burlington