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Our Club Needs a Secretary

posted Mar 24, 2014, 9:22 AM by George Walker

The club's annual AGM was yesterday. We have a new board of directors moving forward with the new cycling season. Your new board of directors are:

President: George Walker,

Treasurer: Bill Hyde,

V.P. Admin/Membership: Preston Gurd,

V.P. Marketing: Andrea Connell,

Director of Touring: James Munroe:

Secretary: Position Available

As you can see, we are looking for a secretary.

Our club runs on volunteer power. From volunteer ride leaders, tour leaders, and board members to people rolling up there sleeves and helping with clothing sales, brochure distribution, ride check-in, map distribution and of course, helping others fix flats, pumping tires and solving chain problems.  If you think of ways you can help, or if you have suggestions that will help make our upcoming season better (besides improved weather), please contact us.