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GCBT Still Needs You!

posted Jan 13, 2013, 3:52 PM by Gcbt Gcbt   [ updated Feb 18, 2013, 3:26 PM ]
Hello All,

As you may know, the position of VP Publicity on the GCBT Board is vacant. And we need someone to look after clothing orders.

As a result, GCBT is now looking for a VP Publicity and for someone who can take over the job of handling the clothing orders. Both jobs could be done by one and the same person, but need not be.

The VP Publicity is a Board Member. The GCBT Board can appoint a replacement to serve for the remaining year until the position comes up for election in the spring of 2013.  The mandate of the VP Publicity spread the good news about what we do as a Club, to encourage new members to join and to encourage old members to return. To that end,  the job of VP Publicity consists primarily of preparing, printing, and distributing of the annual GCBT brochure and secondarily of being responsible for the content of the GCBT web site. The brochure is prepared using Microsoft Publisher.  The Club will provide that software package if you do not have it.  The Director of Touring will provide the content and may also help with the preparation of the annual brochure. Board Membership entails attending 3-4 meetings per year. At the moment, most of this work for this position is being done by other Board members, so you would be able to ease into the job slowly, and  with the idea that you would stand for election when the position comes up for re-election for the usual two year term at the next Annual General Meeting in March.

We are also look for someone to the Clothing Manager, with the mandate to coordinate the receiving, ordering, and distributing Club clothing to the Members. The person who volunteers to look after the clothing orders will have to collect the individual orders, place the collective order with Garneau, receive the clothing, and distribute it to the recipients.

If you would be interested in either position please send an email to