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AGM meeting results 2016

Hello all,


April 3/ 2016

This year the AGM was held on Thursday March 24th at Rim Park at 7pm

It was not a great weather night for driving we had some rain and freezing rain,

We did have enough people to ensure a fair turnout for this meeting

I have great news.

We have a new president; I have volunteered for the job.

Don’t worry everyone I am not Donald Trump

Since I have retired I wanted to help the club with my non experience in this new role

With me being president, we do have a first lady my wife Jocelyne Roy

The AGM members continuing their positions are Bill Hyde as Treasurer and Ed Hummel as Director of Touring and having Lin Mackrael as VP Marketing

The Board, also re-elected Preston Gurd as VP Admin and Karen Lemieux as Secretary.


Your governing Board now looks like this:

President: Thaddeus Bortkiewicz
VP Admin: Preston Gurd
VP Marketing: Lin Mackrael
Treasurer: Bill Hyde
Secretary: Karen Lemieux
Director of Touring: Ed Hummel

Gcbt Gcbt,
Apr 9, 2016, 9:20 AM