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posted Mar 27, 2017, 6:47 PM by Gcbt Gcbt   [ updated Mar 28, 2017, 5:26 PM ]

Many of us don’t like change but if they are an improvement we accept it. 

We have been working on improving the web site.  The calendar found on the home page is going to be the “hub” of our site.  To this end we have linked the Ride With GPS event calendar to the web site calendar.  OK, I can hear you already saying, “What, 2 calendars??”  The answer is yes and no. The calendar leads to the Ride With GPS event with the routes that can be downloaded as printable pages or electronically for your bike computer or phone.  As in the past, you should wait until a day or two before the rides to do this so that your ride leaders can solve last minute changes like construction detours or other “end of the world” events.


Steps to follow before a ride for info.  I am using Ed’s ride in Dec to demonstrate.

     FAST METHOD:  Flip through the 5 pictures below in order then give it a try.


    1) Go to the GCBT web site   http://www.gcbt.org/

    2) Scroll down to the calendar

    3) Switch months right arrow to find the day of the ride and click it (see picture 1 Calendar below)

    4) A small window comes up with info (see 2 Second calendar)

    5) Read the description which includes the start location.

    6) Click on the word “map” to see the start location. Close that window.

    7) Back at the small window click “more details” so Google calendar details shows.

    8) Click the link (see 3 Google calendar) to Ride with GPS found in the Description area to jump to Ride With                GPS

    9) If not a member use this link to join:  

If asked, log into RWGPS to see your event and maps.  (see 4 RWGPS main)

From Ed’s event click” Go to Route” for the Shortest- east road.

    12a) To print a map & cue sheet (see 5 RWGPS print)  Go to the right “overview” tab and scroll down to “PRINT         MAP + CUE SHEET”.

    They will ask for detail and then Email it to you

    12b) To download it to your phone or bike computer (see 6 RWGPS download)
        Go to the right “EXPORT”  tab and download the appropriate file.

WHEW that was a lot.  Maybe you don’t have to do every step to get what you want.

    For the brochure.  The other way is to look at the PDF of the brochure found near the top of the home page
    Weekly Ride Schedule 2017 leading to https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4Aj5pw3Snc5N1hxV2VMaTJjTjg/view

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